Below is a calculator that estimates how the Prolynx hydrogel system will perform in half-life extension of a particular drug when administered subcutaneously. As inputs, the estimations require the MW of the drug, its pharmacokinetic parameters (t1/2,β, Vd, fractional bioavailability (F)) and the target minimum therapeutic concentration Cmin in plasma/serum of the species used. After choosing a desired dose interval of either one week or one month, the calculator estimates the steady-state dose required to maintain the target concentration Cmin and the Cmax and Cmax/Cmin that result. If the steady-state dose required is higher than the capacity of the hydrogel, an alert is given.

The calculator also provides the dose required to achieve a target drug concentration (entered as Cmin) at the end of the single dose interval entered above.

Desired Dosing Interval:

Desired Cmin:

Drug Molecular Weight (g/mol):

Drug Fractional Bioavailability:

Drug Elimination t1/2,β (hours):

Volume of Distribution (L/kg):

Body Weight (kg):

Steady State Calculated Parameters
Required Dose
Cmax 10
Cmax/Cmin 1.5
AUCss 2000
Single Dose Calculated Parameters
Required Dose
Cmax 10
Cmax/Cfinal 1.5
Entered Parameters
Dosing Interval Once-Weekly
Desired Cmin 5
Drug Molecular Weight 1019
Drug Fractional Bioavailability 1
Drug Elimination t1/2,β 0.5
Volume of Distribution 0.05
Body Weight 70

hydrogel dosing calculator